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Crone Teams and Departments are now operating with Google Sites:


Staff Members


Team 6-0

Holly Herrera

Valerie Barrett

Josh Cournaya

Allison Harvey

Christine Cotto

Team 6-1

Nicole Valenza

Richelle DiCola

Stephanie Freeman

Charles Lantz

Amy Williams 

Scott Soprych

Team 7-0

Jennifer Danaher

Jamie Poulos 

Stephanie Orozco

Beth Wisner

Patrick Van Duerm

Team 7-1

Kristin Kupiec

Matthew Blaser

Karly Duncan

Kristen McLaughlin

Jayne O’Gorman

Sara Johnson

Team 8-0

Amanda Berardi

Bryan Buss

Tracy Bywater

Sue Ellen Gerchman

Kim Hughes

Team 8-1

Christine Martin

Nikki Schoutteet 

Steve Perlini

Heather Summers

Molly Perrigo


Kera Bjerga

Family and Consumer Science

Jennifer Samuelson

Foriegn Language

Jodi Lange

Jennifer Rayola

Kristin Druwe

Amy Modzelewski

Band, Chorus, and Orchestra

Katie Brown

E.J. Roberts

Regina Kazda

Michael Sillar

John Timmins

Instructional Technology and Technology Engineering Education

Kristin Druwe

Sandy Knight

Monica Skeels 


PE & Health

Cristy Hefner

Bryan Jenkins

Amy Modzelewski

Dan Shields

Eric Williams


Crone LMC

Mary Yockey

Paige Casey

Crone Main Office

Melissa Couch

Adam Chorba

Kibbee Lewis

Mrs. Coyle’s Class

Amy Coyle

Emily Simpson

Strategic Reading

Beth Highland

Student Services

Natalie Vlna

Lisa Muenchow

Laura Kizior

Samantha Leibold

Shelly Penrod

Kimberly Smiley

Lisa Rechenmacher

Svetlana Concannon

Cathy Lozon

Jacob Heilicser

Allison Geers

Jorge Alzueta


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