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Young Authors 2019

Reported by on 1/11/19

Clifford Crone Middle School
Naperville, Illinois
January 10, 2019

Dear Students and Parents,

All Crone Middle School students are invited to participate in the 2018-2019 Young Authors’ Program. This program encourages students to become involved in the authoring process, using their skills to create an original written work. Students will submit their writings to their language arts teachers at each grade level. Two works will be selected from each language arts teacher to be forwarded to Crone’s Young Authors’ Program Evaluation Committee.

The Evaluation Committee will judge the manuscripts on established criteria— manuscripts will not be identified by student name to ensure objectivity.

The highest scores will determine the winning manuscripts, and the author of the winning manuscript from the entire school will be invited to participate in the State Young Authors’ Conference at Illinois State University in May of 2019. Details will be forthcoming.

Important dates for the Young Authors’ Program are:

Friday, January 25: Deadline for Language Arts teachers to receive manuscripts.

Monday, February 7: Two manuscripts from each ELA teacher due to Bryan Buss or Christine Martin. Each manuscript should include the ID slip. There should be no name on the printed copy.

* Each manuscript should be shared via Google Doc with Christine Martin ( Students should include his/her name and the title of his/her piece.

February 8-March 13: The evaluation committee judges the works submitted by each team.

Friday, March 15: Winning manuscripts and their authors are announced.

Thursday, April 18: Young Author Breakfast for all finalists and their parents.

While our school community will recognize all Young Author participants, we feel it is important to recognize exemplary writing and provide an opportunity for our outstanding student author to participate in the Young Authors’ Conference. Please take the time to read your child’s written piece, offering editing suggestions. Student guidelines for the Young Authors’ Program are on the reverse side of this letter. Please encourage your son or daughter to participate in the Young Authors’ Program, and call if you have questions, comments, or suggestions. Thanks for your continued cooperation and support.

Christine Martin and Bryan Buss, Co-chairs Young Authors Program

Guidelines for Young Author Manuscripts

1. Acceptable styles of writing are poetry, story, or essay.

2. Length of manuscript may not exceed 10 pages. Please keep the font size at 12 point. There are no requirements for the manuscript regarding height, width, or shape.

3. The work must be original.

4. Books authored and/or illustrated by more than two students will not be accepted. Co-authored or author/illustrator entries will count as two entries.

5. Dictated books may be typed or handwritten by an adult if the student is unable to print but must be in the student’s own words.

6. Final manuscripts must have a title.

7. Final manuscripts must be submitted without the student’s name appearing on the manuscript. Team leaders will have forms to identify the author of each work.

8. Manuscripts must have a substantial cover with pages securely attached.

Parent Letter ( pdf)

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